How can I shrink my sex drive?

Me and my boyf split up, one of the many reasons be that I wanted sex all the time.

I really crave sex and can effortlessly get men. I am so tempted but am worried just about my reputation and so forth.

I do not want to have a relationship at the moment, I just want lots of sex.

How do I end my sex drive?

Ive got a vibe and i masterbate a lot, but it is not one and the same.

Freaking out here, stipulation facilitate?

Move in with a guy and verbs behind his toilets. Works every time.

Seriously? There is *nothing* wrong with have a high sex drive (and no guaranteed way to dull it). You are (presumably) a sane person, and wanting to have sex does not connote that you will necessarily have it in an irresponsible style. Reputations don't mean anything. How many girls obtain called slutty because their breasts develop young, or their family are lower-class than the local norm? And how many sweet innocent types have have two abortions and been paid for sex previously they turn eighteen?

Instead of worrying about your reputation, try worrying about responsibility. You can be a righteous person and still have sex.

1. Don't do it when you're drunk or on drugs. Go into sexual encounter with a clear head.
2. Don't do it near people who don't respect you.
3. Be honest. If it's just sex, don't organize your partners on into thinking that it might be more... and if you know that they're secretly thinking "Oh, all right then she'll love me"... you have to sack up and speak, "No, I won't, and I can't ethically sleep with you since we're on different levels."
4. Be secure. Insist on using protection (condoms + whatever) during *every* sexual encounter.

My mom. lend a hand please.?

You are young and it is hormonal. But you will have to agree on if you want it or your reputation more - I know it's not fair, but it just is the style it is). Anyway, the more you have sex the more you want it, so you may just involve to use determination at first. You could also try some OTC progesterone cream and see if that helps at all.

Ok this is going to nouns gross and embarassing.Help?

Tough you said you don't want the reputation of easy or one a whore. Perhaps you could find a f**k buddy. That way you can still have sex but you won't find around and get a reputation. IMO Girls have it worse than guys contained by these cases because of the name that will be attatched to you if you sleep around alot.

Good Luck

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