How can I in actuality Orgasm?

I am 15 years old and I am a girl
I am about the orgasm but My legs start shaking
and i hold to stop
how can I go all the channel?

The last question be not detailed enough


Is this middle-of-the-road?

It helps if you hold your legs out worried while you masturbate. That will keep them from shaking and let you concentrate on what you're doing.

According to preliminary results of a survey of over 3000 females by the network site in 2007-08, 21.3 percent of females do this almost every time when they masturbate, another 18 percent do it most of the time (or a total of 39.3 percent who do it most of the time), and 47.9 percent do it some of the time. Only 12.9 percent of females say they never hold their legs tight while they masturbate.

Practice makes perfect! You will be have orgasms soon.

If you miss a couple pills can you own a prolonged interval?

i remember that. haha thats part of it!! maybe your getting upset, but thats natural and it happens. subsequent time just try to relax and dont quit doing it then you will apprehend why they shake.

Bitrth Control Nueva Ring ?

Rub yourself and try to keep yourself from shaking. Think about something that seriously turns you on.

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poo poo

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Sit down beforehand you fall down - legs shaking suggest you're getting close. Keep going.

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grab onto the sheets or a pillow and breathe...dally a couple of seconds and it'll feel appropriate.

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Why do you have to stop? just permit go and let it lug its toll

About tampons...?

That was an orgasm.

What take away monthly cramps?


You MUST keep going, that's adjectives.

Bloody bed!! (not murder)?

lie down if your not already just keep hold of going it will feel so good when you get it.

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Just go all the agency

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Keep going. Try to relax your muscles, but let them jump or shake. It will transpire. Just exhale and keep relaxing.

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Shove a banana up in nearby.

Help please? What's wrong next to me?

umm don't stop i suppose

Why is it so knotty to bring back an orgasim?

well this is my favorite thing surrounded by the world.. an orgasm.. and just let them shake girl... lol

Is the clitorus supposed to win concrete when a woman is turned on/?

be there, done thatt

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maybe you did and cant narrate?

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hahaha ur still 14!!hahah im older loser

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Be careful asking this liberal of thing online,OK?
Especially at your age...

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let someone grant u a helping hand

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I'm really curious..?
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