How can I cutback my sex drive?

(Sorry guys I just had to incorporate in an extra part. I'll still distribute ten points for the last question.) I am a woman. I own always had an incredible drive to accomplish sexual acts, have sex, etc. My partner and I just now started having sex and what seemed okay to him since has now started to affect our relationship. We be emotionally ready for sex, but apparently I wasn't physically ready because immediately my sex drive is up the roof. It is never far from my mind ( I think I know what teenage boys surface like).

He is an AMAZING guy with a pretty decent amount of libido but even he admit that it's been affecting us lately. Does anyone have any dutiful tips or know of any type of medication (or even therapy) that could help this? Has anyone else had this problem? I really don;t want to lose him :(

I do masturbate.. sometimes 3-4 times a light of day. And sex isn't whats holding our relationship together. It's the thing that I guess you could say is affecting it negatively very soon

Answers:    Sex has got to be one of the most addicting things ever; i feel that way when i fisrt started having sex but i wasn't competent to see my boyfriend and be able to have sex more than once a week so i have to just deal next to it. I don't masturbate so i just didnt do anything sexual for a while and i guess its kinda like going cold turkey. Its tough at first but once you go and get past the rough times its a lot better. Instead of focusing on sex try focusing on the relationship, try getting things to be the process they were before sex become so important to you..
um u could go as long as u can while still mastribating in need sex and not all teenage guys are that horney most are but im not completly;... wow, could you settle to my

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