Horrible menstrual cramps

I've always had doomed to failure cramps, but they have been horrible the end few months.

I feel like someone is simultaneously kicking my lower tummy and lower back with steel-toe boots...and the pain/cramping from the lower back/abdominal nouns travels down my thighs. The only way I can appease them down is to combine Aleve with extra strength Tylenol...the max. dose of Aleve is not enough for me.

Do any other women out at hand have cramps that are like this? If you do, save for the usual painkillers, what helps you feel better? Any proposal would be great--I'm a college student (junior) and I'm starting to stress about how I'm going to deal near this during school and while having a conserve packed schedule (I usually donate for class at 7am and get home close to midnight---staying in my bed adjectives day is NOT an option!).

Thanks within advance. =)

oh, and I can't take bc because of blood clotting issues.

Answers:    I've other had bad cramps. However I hold noticed since I up my water intake they are smaller quantity hard hitting. Try to stay away caffiene drinks. Also the less red meat the better. If you try to stay away from red meat you don't get the impression as weighed down. I'm personally a lacto-vegetarian *not that I am saying to go that route* I haven't have near as painful cramps since consequently. but water is a good switch..
Try getting a wash cloth and microwaving it, it sounds silly but it helps profoundly. Mild excercise also helps. Lie down and elevate your legs, this forces the uterine muscles to relax. My mom used to give me some naproxen sodium and a heat pad just earlier I sleep. It helped a lot but if Aleve doesn't facilitate I'm not sure.. you can always try the heating wipe.

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