HIV????!! OMG, what's going on?


Ever since the 11th of July, My body has been acting odd. That same week I had diahrrea for about 4 days straight, have little rashes on my leg and one on my stomach, they didn't itch or hurt i just notice them, and then I lost about 4 lbs. contained by 2 days, and had a yeast infection. I gained the solidity back pretty quickly after I started shoving food down my throat so I thought it have came from the anxiety,stress,lack of sleep, and not ingestion right, since I thought I had an STD. Well I got my results fund from the clinic and they were all Neg. for STD's. Then I go to my doctor got tested for HIV on the 16th of July, the following week, which was on the 23rd of results come back Neg. I told my doctor my worries and symptoms, and he just told me that I be fine, and the symptoms I was listing to him be AIDS symptoms, NOT HIV symptoms. I also had a papsmear done on the 23rd, and the results came subsidise all normal.Would HIV end in an abnormal pap? But then indistinguishable week my throat was real irritated, I wouldn't vote a sore throat,but just dry and irritated. And everyday for the past 2 weeks (including now) my throat have been irritated off and on. And i've be having headaches pretty frequently, which is VERY VERY RARE for me. And another thing that is dying out is that i've been having canker sores on what it seem to be like every 2 days, and my body has be having a lot of ache and pains and plentyyyyyy of bruises. I know I got tested soon, but people told me that the ELISA check is pretty sensitive and would've picked up on the HIV. But i'm really iffy on that! I plan on going back to get tested again on Aug. 28, I know 3 months and 6 months are the most conclusive results, but I merely wanna keep going until the 3 month mark hits. What could be going on, is this my brain doing this to me, or do i hold a reason to be scared?

Here are my OVERALL SYMPTOMS for the recent past 3-4 weeks just to make it for a moment bit easier:
-Rashes (not itchy or painful,just dry skin)
-Little pimple-like bumps on diverse parts of the body
-Yeast infection, I think (because it came rear normal I when had papsmear)
-Headaches (frequently)
-Canker sores (frequently)
-Irritated throat
-Weight loss of 4 lbs surrounded by 2 days
-Diahrrea lasting for about 4-6days straight
-A lot of brusies, sooo... straightforward bruising
-Aching and sore muscles

Answers:    You could have some kind of bacterial infection, or a viral infection, possibly even mono..any of those thing could give you these symptoms. Symptoms are a sign of heaps different medical issues. I want to bet that ur stress is causing some of the issues. You may have even have some of these things going on before, but now that u enjoy started thinking about the HIV thing, ur connecting it to that. Make a Dr's appt and converse to physician. He will prob do some blood work and find out whats going on.

I would get the testing at 3 & 6 months to luxury your mind and then close that chapter.

Make sure u are having undisruptive sex also so that you wont work yourself into a ball of nerves months from now next to the same thing..
wow chill .
travel get tested thats all you can do [ :
if it scare you that much .. dont have sex anymore.
All your tests are cynical, but YOU THINK you have AIDS. Your sickness is mentally, not physically.

HIV, IS the virus that causes AIDS!!

Trust me, if you have full blown AIDS, you would have lost more than 4lbs. Also, you wouldn't have somewhat rash, but big black/blue sores...there is a BIG difference.

You really, really, really, really, really, really, really, entail to get out more, start a hobby, go to your nouns Health Department or HIV/AIDS help center and learn more almost it...really...for real.


Don't be so paranoid. There's such hysteria over HIV that the slightest sign of a sniffle and people convince themselves they must enjoy it.

Aside from the fact that your doctor is right, those aren't HIV symptoms. You don't usually get symptoms at adjectives when you're infected with HIV (apart from sometimes people get hold of flu symptoms), it came back unenthusiastic.

HIV tests are extremely sensitive. Therefore, it's negative.

You are fine. It's probably freshly all psychosomatic. It sounds like you're trying to intermingle together completely unrelated symptoms, most of which could be down to stress, which you're putting yourself under by being ridiculously paranoid.

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