High Sex Drive...?

I just have to own it almost 24/7 and when I don't I keep masturbating. I'm 24 and it's really getting bad immediately and I can't control it. Is there anyway I can calm myself down and carry sex off of my mind?

Can sex on your time kill in cold blood you? My girlfriend olden out!?

Exercise and keep yourself busy to hang on to your mind of it. Go out and do something new or spend time with friends and line. You'll calm down in a couple of years, there's probably still loads of hormones running through your blood from puberty. Masturbate once of twice a afternoon :-)
Good luck

I enjoy my length every other week what is near this?

There are plenty of guy who would love to help you solve this problem! haha.
But thats more normal than you'd conjecture. Sometimes exercise helps me...

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Dano you're a woman now? So you did own that sex change huh?

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