Help! Pregnancy, Period? Or something else i should verbs give or take a few?

k, My last period be on July 18th, and im never really early, mostly late. but ultimate night, after i had sex next to my boyfriend, i went to the washroom, and i was bleeding particularly very little, so i put a pad on, this morning when i woke up, in attendance was a little bit of brownish blood on the wad, im not beeding anymore, but everytime i go to the washroom and wipe theres a little blood, that comes on the kleenexx, this cant be my periodd! Im startled, does anybody know what this could be????

Answers:    Sounds like brake through bleeding/old blood. It does happen from time to time. Hormones can sometimes impose this, or a cyst you are not aware of as well as not enough lubrication. Not to frenzy right away. Over the next couple of days keep scrutinize. If it continues or if the flow increases then contact your GYN. .
i had a similar experience later year, it turned out to be a very early pregancy beside ruptured ovarian cyst. please keep close watch and if you enjoy any pain at all you call for to get to the er asap.
go see your doc and attain a pregnancy test, as you can have spotting beside implantation if you are pregnant. also do not think that you cant be pregnant if you are on the pill, because i did get pregnant on the pill, so be enormously proactive with your health please. Although I newly started my period, I know a lot going on for it. Usually there can be a little bit of blood between your regular period. But if your pregnant, you should see a doctor because it's not normal. It might be an infection. Also, if your a virgin, when you had sex your hymen might of broke. And thats completly middle-of-the-road!.
probably a little spotting or break through bleeding. dont worry too much unless it is excessively scratchy or heavy (more then a period) because it could be a time if it acts like one) or if it finishing too too long.

or your b/f was a little too rough or your necessitate some KY jelly. if the problem persists call your doctor..
could be lots of things...stunted period, break through bleeding indicating that you are fertile, or miscariage. If you are concerned see a doctor or call a hospital free helpline. Implantation bleeding..
be you a virgin when you had sex with your boyfriend? possibly you could have broken your hymen So if you don't have sex recurrently you have a like occasion of bleeding. to rough?!

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