Help near low sex drive?


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I am 54, have raised three kids, still own a full time job and rarely want sex at adjectives. My doctor said it could be because of either a hormonal problem or because of depression or...because that's just how I am. I know that 3/4 of the women that I work beside (both older AND younger than me) would prefer to limit the times they hold sex. I think that tv and movies make us perceive like we've got something wrong near us when we don't.

My interrogate won't show up for some pretext, so I'll inculde a intertwine within this...please answer it?

Your first problem is what you said you are up against. Lots of children and demanding job would be enough to snuff sex drive.

You are in a very adjectives majority right now. Most take long vacation, even at home, and send the kids away to get their nasties wager on. Part of being human, is being sexual. It's similar to breathing, talking and sleeping. You need a faultless amount of it, and you only know what that amount it. It sounds like you inevitability more in your life.

Plan a long weekend, see if you can return with the kids handled, or off to bed untimely one night. Get some wine out, some stuff that helps the mood, and try to savour more than one night a month. Life is too short to suffer a bad sex life span.

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Your are stressed I'm the same way.
I've be like that since i was 23, I'm 25 near 2 kids.I think it's a hormonal thing b4 the term .That's how i know that my period is about to come on.
Sometimes i own a quickie to please my husband at night and does relieve stress for the next daytime (it doesn't have to be a all nighter). Yes, sometimes i fairly keep that little 30 minutes for extra sleep time but just furnish it on up.

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That's natural - it's the time frame in which you are most promising to get pregnant.

I've dealt beside this same exact issue. One thing I can suggest: even if you are not "in the mood," a short time ago go along with foreplay if your husband initiates it. Chances are that after a few minutes you will be all set and wanting to have sex.

Of course everyone's different, but this helped me.

Good luck!

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My god how do you even fit it surrounded by. I complain and I have only one child and work parttime. I give attention to when it comes to sex, you have to find a happy surrounding substance between you and hubby and usually that works. Talk it over and communicate big time. Goodluck.

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I feel the exact same way. I'd approaching to get some ideas too.

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