HELP! I estimate I hold PCOS

Ok I am going to my doctor in a few weeks to see if I have PCOS. I be just wondering if it is very plausible that I have the disease.

I'm 17 and my periods haven't ever really be regular and sometimes I'll miss 3 or 4 in a row. My last time of year was about 8 weeks ago.

I am over cargo, but I am not obese. I watch what I eat and I exercise greatly, but I gain weight each year. Two years ago I become obsessive with my counterbalance and lost 15 pounds in 4 months. A week after I lost it, I didn't gain or lose for about two weeks, next gained it all rear legs very fast.

I am also flat chested. I'm not sure this is a adjectives symptom, but my mom says it is. I wear an a cup and sometimes that is too big for me. My boobs never fully formed any, they are still kinda pointy and not round. They haven't grown since middle school.

I don't know if I have more facial spine than most women because I dont know what's common, but I pluck my upper lip hairs every week or every other week, but they aren't really definite if I forget to pluck them. But I always have some quill on my stomach that i shave once, or twice a week. and sometimes I shave my back hair (like once a month). But afterwards again, I don't know if I have more hair than other women, I may newly be a freak who loves to not have hair on my body.

My cousin be diagnosed with the illness a few years ago.

Sorry if this is so long. I know none of you are doctors, but I be just wondering about a rough guess around what the chances were that I have the disease. Please be honest if you answer.

Answers:    Sounds like PCOS. Are you losing hair on your boss or have bad acne?

Here is a effortless to understand summary:
There are many medical account references if you want to print it and take it to your doctor.

I uploaded a 5 minute mp3 from the radio show he have for 25 years explaining PCOS:
It's very possible that you have pcos, since you hold excess hair growth and acne. Pcos is not a disease though, its a syndrome. Not to worry if you hold it, its very treatable. Bcps are really the only article that doctors treat it with, I have it & am currently on Yasmin. The anti-androgens contained by the bcp help to slow excess hair growth and clear acne. I realize exactly how you feel. My sister has PCOS, and she have a lot of acne, she gets her period once evey two or three months, and she is overweight. evereyone within my family has body fuzz, like on their legs, stomach, back, and a bit on their face, so it doesn't neccessarily mean to be precise a symptom. but i do think you have PCOS. don't verbs, you are just like everyone else. you can bring special medication ( Acutaine) for the acne (ask your face doctor/specialist), try the south beach diet, and the don't agree to the hair bother you (if it really does, try bleaching)..
How do you manage to shave your pay for?
Being flat chested is not a symptom of PCOS

Excessive Hair
Weight Gain
Irregular periods
Insulin Resistant
Cysts on Ovaries
High blood pressure

The most common reason that first bring women with PCOS to a doctor include:
Menstrual problems.
Male-type hair growth on the obverse and body.
Weight gain or upper body obesity.
Not everyone suffers all symptoms of to see a Dr and draw from a test done.

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