Help for stress incontinence?

This is a little embarassing. I'm almost 29 years old and I consistency that for my age my stress incontinece is pretty bad. It's usually only when I cough or sneeze. I've done kegels. I hold no problem stopping my urine stream in the middle of the flow several times. I wondered if there is anything else that can be done besides kegels for stress incontinence. I attribute the stress incontinence to childbirth, I enjoy two kids. Will I just be stuck with it forever?

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I would tell to your doctor and tell him that you have tried Kegels and they didn't work. Are you sure you be doing them correctly or tried them for a long enough time period? I would also attribute it to your children as it cause weak pelvic floor muscles not just to pass birth but to carry them during pregnancy. For now perchance you could wear a pantyliner but ask your doctor, this isn't something you should live with for the rest of your life!

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