Help for Post Menopause?

I have been using Progest progesterone cream i am restless at darkness and have mild night sweats and vaginal dryness it hurts when i enjoy sex i do use lots of lube i have used vaginal HRT it only inflamed me so i necessitate to balance will using a progesterone cream help next to dryness or would i need to use a PhytoEstrogen cream has any gone though this?

Answers:    My grandma is adjectives done with hers. She said to tell you she took a hot hip bath at night.It lowers your body temp.then use your med. after have a drink of wine and an ibuprofen.If you are going to have sex don't hold a bath first.If you are married have sex right away within the morning. it won't hurt as much.
geez I am NEVER getting married OR having sex.

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