heavy cheast pain its a gas trouble or serious answer me

Answers:    If it is heavy chest pain don't neglect it consult to doctor get X - RAY of Chest done. Be clam & relax so your blood pressure would not rise up. Take proper precaution from doctor. Consult a doctor who is MD (MED) DM CARDIOLOGY. He will give u a proper instruction which investigation to be done & what precautions to be taken. If u a any lung infection than he will refer U to a Chest - Physician. Sometime because of acidity there will be a mild chest pain but don't take it easy. Be alert consult to doctor on time so that u will be escape from, "HEART ATTACK" ..
Dear friend,
If the chest pain was confined to chest alone, it could be a muscular pain, may due to gas trouble. Had the pain spread over the shoulders etc. it could have been dealt as serious. However, don't be neglegent in getting an ECG for the heart. But I don't suspect it to be a heart attack sort of thing. it's not a serious problem it's jst the gas problem. if wanna get rid of it jst start jumping or take a homeopathic medicine named 'NUX'..
If it is on regular basis, it may be harmful and serious. Consult with your family doctor Without wasting time you please better consult immediately a cardioligist

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