Have you have PMS symtoms similar to this?

o.k. I'm 23 ..married been trying to get pregnant since December..my closing period started july 14th on july 16th i got really fruitless sharp pains on my left side (between my hipbone and belly button kind of low)..I could not stand up straight and it hurt every time i took a step.july 17 the misery was better on july 18 the pain completly gone & . Now..August 6th for times past week I've been feeling sick at my stomach past its sell-by date and on for the past week and my boobs hurt really bad..I'm suppose to receive my period again on the 10th..Has anyone experienced PMS symtoms like this or anything similar to this.???

Answers:    Yeah sounds like you need to do a colon clease because of bloating pressure on your colon.

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