Have you ever have any throbbing menstrual cramps that.?

make you spasm and yelp in headache? Or the pain shoots you so hard you fall down down? Or it feels like your organs are going to explode? or it hurts to hoof it? Are these normal?

Answers:    I used to have really doomed to failure cramps. I would vomit and everything too. Totally sucks. Go to the Dr. they can give you birth control or prescription meds. My Dr. told me to take "naproxen" it's an over-the counter discomfort killer, like a strong advil. He told me to rob 4 at a time, even though that's more than the container recommends. I have never have anything else that helps. Screw 2 advil. that doesn't help at adjectives. In this day in age, you do not hold to suffer with bad cramps, do something going on for it. At least talk to the dr. Trust me, I swear Naproxen Sodium works wonders! Oh, label sure to take meds BEFORE you are dying in aching, when you have the slightest cramp coming, drug up! keep the meds within your system.
Yes, i take 2 midols and 1 ibuprofen for the pain, and even put a heat pad on if its really bad I own them really bad too.
Sometimes they are so bad, the impose me to vomit.
Take a pail killer and call round the doctor..
Yes and Midol is very helpful!

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