have tampon trouble?

i've never used one b4 and am having difficulty. i can't seem to find the hole or it wont walk in ..or something like that I'm not sure its in recent times really frustrating...so i just give up after a while b4 it starts to not really hurt but touch weird from trying to get it to dance in...

Answers:    Grab a mirror and stand up with one leg on the toilet and run a look at what you are doing.
Make sure you are using the smallest tampons and are pushing them all the way surrounded by before you push the applicator:).
the instructions on the box are important but whats more influential is that you feel comfortable. I find it really impossible to believe that you dont know where your own vagina vent is. You need to know your body and get comfortable near your self.
1. relax and get into a comfortable position either squatting or putting one leg up on the toilet form or bathtub.

2. take a few breaths relax your muscles and place the tampon at your vagina orifice. (only you can help yourself with finding it)

3. slide the tube contained by at an angle, try aiming it towards your lower back dont put it in straight thats not the means of access your vagina is made.

4. Hold the base of the larger tube with your thumb and middle finger after use your pointing finger to puch the smaller tube up.

Hope this helps.

p.s. you got to brand name sure the applicator(larger tube) is all the way contained by, push it in until your fingers are touching your vagina. .
Hi, I totally know how you feel.

Back when it be my first time to use tampons, it took a lot of trying before it finally worked. Don't quality frustrated, because that's the last thing you should get the impression! Try to relax as much as you can so that your muscles loosen.

Try to do it standing, book one foot on the the toilet seat and one foot on the ground. Use a mirror if you can't find the hole.

If you still keep trying and it only just doesn't work, try coming back and trying later contained by the day. It will work soon! And read over the instructions. Also, when you wear it you SHOULD NOT feel it. If you do, that vehicle it is not pushed in far enough. It might grain uncomfy to push it in, but it will feel even worse if it's not inserted correctly.

If worse you can't integer it out, you can ask someone close to you or even see a gynocologist!.
When a tampon is put in correctly, you shouldn't even feel it!
within every tampon box there is a small piece of paper that tell you how to put one in!
if its not in ALL THE WAY afterwards thats what could be causing you pain, and if it is adjectives the way in, but its crooked, pocket it out so that it doesn't hurt!
when you put it in, aim for your lower back!
If you are a virgin or you dont masturbate thats why you probably can't find your "hole". lol
try using a mirror when you are putting within the tampon!
*hope this helps!.
Oh I remember my first time using one, it was the scariest point ever. I literally went through a box I believe in one month a short time ago practicing haha...

It seems uber complicated, but really it's simple.

Ok first of all, start near the plastic small ones, like the slim fit pearls. Those are the best and easiest to get up.

There's a "finger grip" on it, it have a little circle-like design on it. It's where the applicator meet the push-up wand. Grab that with your thumb and middle finger.

Ok now here's the alarming part.and try doing this standing up, it's easier.start to stick it in, and the trick I used be I pushed it up like I was directing it towards my belly button. There is only one way up, no other weird holes for it to carry lost, so just go for it. Keep pushing until your fingers are touching your "area".

Get it as far up as you can earlier you push the "insert-wand" with your index (pointer) finger. It feels soooo grotesque if it's not in all the bearing. The point of a tampon is not to feel it.

Now push the insert wand hard, and verbs out the applicator slowly. You'll feel the tampon kinda stop, thats the end of your vaginal cannal...so no worries, the tampon isn't going anywhere up inside your body. :)


Good luck honey!.
hmm...it shouldn't be that difficult. if you find the instructions surrounded by the tampon box it will tell you the best position to get surrounded by for it to go in smoothly. and net sure you tilt it toward your spine when you insert it, you don't want to send it up the wrong hole. it's supposed to be easier, I think, if you are liking forward. find the instructions in the box though. otherwise...well, don't plan on have sex until you figure that much out. Ok, I'm 13 and I am a heavy flower. I HATE tampons, but once they're contained by, its all good. You can't discern it. I still haven't put one in myself, my mom has done it for me. I layed on the bed while she put it surrounded by. Its best to put one in while you are flowing, since it will slide in easier. I can never find the hole any. You're not alone! But the key is to RELAX. .
i had the sameeee exact problem resembling 2 months ago. i found out what i was doing wrong. it hurts because your hitting your bone. you may think your going surrounded by the right angle and everything. but your not. move it up and down and side to side. its not just going to pop right in. you own to push slightly hard to get it contained by. thats also what i was doing wrong. it took my like 7 trys. but when i get it, i was very excited.
hope it help. gooood luck (: you should buy the tampax pearl light days tampon
there should be a newspaper that explains it all
just relax and breath wide then shove that sucker in
it might nouns weird, you'll feel odd doing it too, but look in the mirror and find the right hole
tampons are much easier than pads! obedient luck!.
you should start off with the table lamp tampons with the 'gentle glide' applicator, they are easier to use than the cardboard ones. just relax your self, you could also try different positions close to squattingor with one leg up. you could also use petroleum jelly if it still gives you trouble. yak to your mom or your older sister for help. its a first timers ting. i cultured how to use one the day after i got my first time. get a mirror and put it on the floor. then you no.... and i suggest putting some vasaline on the tampon and arount the (). appropriate luck. it will hurt like the dephts of helll if ou take it out and its not bloody. it will be uncomfy and hurt when oyu sit down. it take about your 4-5th one to get it right..
How are you standing/sitting when you are putting it within? Hovering over the toilet works best for me. Buy the slender tampons, they might fight better. And just relax. The first few times I must not own put it in right because it was discomfited when I sat down. So I just took it out and tried it again. Try putting one leg up on the toliet form and than try to find the whole once u know how to do it its hardto forget.

Also check what the package say to do.

Try a playtex gentle glide or sport they enjoy a easy slim applicator and 360 degree coverage so smaller number leakage!

any other questions: gossipgurl8(a)yahoo.com

conceivably you need the special slim tampons if your hole is a bit small

so wait you can't put it within?

as embarassing as is, if you can't do it yourself, ask someone experienced like your mom to help..
dont do the proboscis thing. my friend broke her little brother's nose when he hada snout bleed. um...get a mirror? and just try using some lubricant first..that process it'll slide in easier...if not try and ask your mom or sister if you own either? iunno. Get a mirror, try sticking your finger in. Sorry if that sounds gross but you requirement to know where the tampon goes. Time to acquire familiar with your genitals. Keep trying, tampons are so much better than pad..
First of all are you a virgin? If you are chances are that you will hold some trouble. Good tampons are also a must. Tampax is the best but I prefer Tampax Pearl. Much easier to use! sometimes when you put a tampon in you break through a little skin.
it should singular hurt for a second.
but after that it doesn't hurt any other time you put it in.
so just kinda push knotty...
You should probably go back to pad if you are having that much trouble. Unfortunatly, that's not something someone can help you beside. One day you'll get the swing of it. Good luck! relax when you do it. use the plastic applicators. and if you can't find "the hole" then get more habituated with yourself before you try again..
I give attention to that you need to read the box. It should have instructions but your probably not going to acquire any answers from this. Have you tried asking an older sister or your mom? They probably would know. you have to be relaxed because if your on edge, your vaginal muscles will tense up and it will be harder to insert the tampon.. just bear your time.. you;ll eventually get it :).
Don't fret. I had trouble forever and certainly gave up on them and didn't try again until my twenties. Just relax and feel around. Try using pearl tampons or anything easyglide beside a PLASTIC APPLICATOR. The cardboard ones hurt so much..
Just try to be relaxed when you do it. Maybe you should keep wearing pads for a bit if you're really self-conscious with it :) What hurts? The tampon or the guys.. ehem... bob? Oh, and ever considered reading the instructions?.
You really should look over what the box says. Here's a website that might give support to you out too.


Talk to your mom about it too! .
You Need 2 Lay Down While Putting It On. But Maybe Your Holes 2 Small. try standing up with your leg propped up, but in attendance is a lleaflet telling you about tampons and how to insert one... .
If you own to ask this on yahoo Qand A, you are either a Troll or you need to ask your Mommy because you are too youthful to be asking the public instructions on how to insert a Tampon. Maybe its because your d!ck is in the way. theres operation to get that removed.

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