Have PCOS & Rapid Weight Gain? What did you do?

I have PCOS and have be on levora for a few years now. I am 32 and have expereinced speedy weight gain (size 4 to size 12 in 7 months). I am desperate to clutch the weight off, but find that I am constantly fatigued and moody. I wouldn't articulate i'm depressed, but i do not feel sociable and i used to be a social butterfly. Has anyone else had these symptoms and what did you do to remedy it? I really grain the extra weight is a big part of response blah and down in the dumps - any ways to start to really see a difference in my freight? Its so discouraging becuase my weight constantly flucuates by 2 to 3lbs, but its still gaining. tried no carbs, but even that didn't affect my consignment. Please Help!

Answers:    I was prescribed metformin for my PCOS, but that was also because I be trying to conceive. The only thing in the order of metformin is it can have some yucky gastro side effects. But it does help near the weight gain that PCOS causes..
I am 32, I own PCOS and I struggle with my weight constantly. Have you be checked for insulin resistance? That is what one of the major complications are with pcos. I am tired constantly and only just want to sleep. I force myself every night to get out and step at least a mile, notice I said force myself.lol I stay away from sodas and white bread, unharmed grain is the only passageway to go for IR. The only method your going to take the weight bad is by eating a diet that is for your specific condition, look it up and study complicated on it. I would imagine that you are IR also, there is closely of good info on the web for it. Feel free to email me if you would close to!

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