Has anyone have the cervical cancer vaccine?

just wondering if it hurts and where abouts on your body they inject you near it

Any females ever hold this take place to them?

Hi there,

I agree with Terri. Please be cautious about taking ANY "new" drug OR vaccine. They tend to lack long permanent status test results. Gardacil is suspected to cause infertility subsequently in life. Before you whip ANYTHING, do your own research. Dr.'s get kickbacks on selling you guaranteed meds, and they typically have an agenda that is not other in your best interest. Take charge of your health nurture by doing your own research and insisting on the care you deserve!




Good luck...

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I am 18and i received Gardasil. It's worth it completely, of course, but hurts resembling crazy! Many shots only hurt when the needle punctures your skin, but it feel like it burns when they actually inject it. I know i.e. a reason not to get the shots, and yes you enjoy to get them 3 times so that your body can get give a hand by it but you have to be strong!

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They inject it into your arm (just like other shots!) and after you receive the shot, it feels like you own a bruise for like a day. Hurts only just like any other shot when it goes into you.

I HATE shots, but I'd a bit get 3 shots than cancer so I recieved the shots

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OMG RUNNN!!! i got the first shot and i go into shock because i had an allergic reaction and i couldnt breath and i have to go in an ambulance to the er and so much complications enjoy been going on all because of that STUPID shot i own to wear a heart monitor now for a month i have it on right in a minute and it sucks..

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Yes, Gardasil. The needle doesn't hurt at all but the injection does a moment or two but barely. You get the shot on ur arm. Your arm may have a feeling sore for a day but thats it. You get the shot 3 times, range every couple months. Good luck getting vaccinated!! Hope this helped :]

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i agree next to terri and that other person that warned you.i go to my dr.today and she is against it for a number of reasons.in that are way to many risks near that vaccine including death.personally i presume it is just another way for the elected representatives to make money.

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i got approaching a month ago.. to me it didnt hurt.. but u might be diffrent im gonna have to say it depends n a personality. personally i like shots so it wont hurt.. i get it in my arm.. it nothing to verbs about its fine =]

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Please read up on Gardasil!


Very important site you should read.

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It go into your arm. It hurts like any other shot. There are no different procedures to it.

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