Has any woman had a tubal ligation and what is their experience?

Answers:    I did after my fourth child. I didn't notice any difference in my physical health at all. I was a little depressed after because I knew I wouldn't be able to have more children.. but I also knew that I didn't want anymore. It just created mixed feelings for a while..
I had a tubal ligation right after the birth of my second baby. This is mainly because I really do not want any more children. I now have a son and daughter. Perfectly balanced. My husband could've easily had a vasectomy, but I was already in the hospital. I had the procedure about 3 hours after giving birth. My doctor tried talking me out of it, as they always do. Apparently a pretty large percentage of women that have it done usually end up back at their doctor's office within 3 years wanting a reverse procedure done. I am not in that percentage. My husband and I feel very strongly about the lifestyle that we want to create for our family. Financially we wouldn't be able to support another body. It was a very ammicable decision and we are both satisfied with the outcome. Another bonus...no birth control! Finally! My periods are still normal and I have minimal cramping as I did before. The only thing I've noticed is like somebody else mentioned I can really tell when I'm ovulating now. Whereas beforehand I had slight pain during ovulation. Now it's kind of painful, not sure how to describe it. It lasts about a whole day and the pain is where both of my ovaries are. But, that's about it. I guess it's all personal preference. I haven't had one- but in my line of work I see it done from time to time. Me personally, I'd opt to snip the mister. Some ladies have it done and have no problems at all. Others have it done, and within a few years are back in for a vaginal hysterectomy because they develop extremely heavy, frequent bleeding that doesn't respond to anything. There isn't any particular good reason why this should happen- as you are only cutting and cauterizing the fallopian tubes. But it does, too often for my taste. On the other hand, a vasectomy is an in-office procedure that takes about 45 minutes. The recovery time is just a few days, and within six weeks there is a no sperm count. There just aren't any real repercussions to it. So my recommendation is keep your tubes intact and snip the mister instead. .
I have! The only thing i have noticed physically is that I never had cramps before my period and now I do. And I can actually tell when I am ovulating I could not before. I had one done and felt that it made my periods worse..A couple of years later I ended up having so many problems with it that I had to have a total hysterectomy..

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