Has any of the ladies of YA experienced a fibroid tumor?

An MRI of my hip a few weeks ago shows a suspected fibroid tumor on my uterus. If anyone has experienced this, I would appreciate any info you could give me...i.e. treatment, seizure, etc. Thanks.

Answers:    You must talk to your gynecologist and better get a second belief. There are different procedures depending on location of fibroids and size and age. Nearing menopause you may leave them because most of the time they will shrink.

Google "uterine fibroids" to learn more roughly it.

I just found this website but no idea if this is important at all..
Hi I am 25 yrs old and i have 4 fibroids in my womb...2 big and 2 small. the biggest is about 7+cm...
I have it removed 2 months ago by laparascopy surgery. It recover quite quick, not alot of pain. I didnt regret doing so. Its best to get rid of it. I hear pple talking during my hospital stay, the tumour can become cancerous. But please get a angelic doctor for yourself, this surgery can be dangerous when the doctor is not experienced enough. Yes I have multiple fibroid tumors. After 4 years of constant suffering I finally had a total hysterectomy ( took uterus, tubes and both ovaries). All better now.

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