girls comfort please!

ok so on friday i have to get a physical for sports and i looked-for to know if it ok to be in ur peiriod! and what do they ask u bout ur period during a physical?

Answers:    One of the question they will ask before exam is, when was your later period. Let them know it is current. A sports physical will include an abdomen and spinal inspection. This funds they will lift up your shirt and feel your belly and ask you to bend over and hoist your shirt so they can see your spine. When a doctor looks down you pants it is to see if you have pubic spike to see if you have started puberty. If you are on your period that is to say the answer, no need to look. The only other pretext for a doctor to exam you, down below, is for a pelvic exam and these are only scheduled when you are rotten your period.
it is okay...just describe the doctor u r on ur period and they won't go anywhere close that area...doctors will typically ask if u are sexually active, smoke, or drink alcohol...they really don't run into details about ur necessitate to worry... if they look "down there"
just be similar to i don't think you would want to see that HAHA
just wear a tampon, if your young at heart they wont look down there 18+ i think they do. GOOD luck.
where on earth a tampon... they don't even look down there... if they do you should definitely notify someone wear a tampon. last time i got a physical he didnt even look down here.

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