(Girls simply!)?

I'm new at this but I am 19 yrs old and my gf needed me to rub her feet what the best way I should do so that passageway he would enjoy it?

Answers:    Really it's easiest if you just ask her if she like whatever you're doing but a few tips are the arch of her feet only just run you thumb up or down it with some pressure and the fleshy part right after her toes, rub that surrounded by little circles. Pretty much just try and ask her if she likes what ever you did. She's obstinately not going to be upset if you're trying, so dont worry too much about it. .
Simple. Buy some malodorous massage oil or cream and rub her foot. But do it in a sensual way. Make love to her. Suck on her toes a bit. Nibble on the resembling nipples. Then move you way to her ankles and up her legs. Make sure you do them one at a time. The work your way up to her inner thighs and consent to your anticipation and hormones take over... that is how you afford your girlfriend a foot massage. Good luck to you! just rub her foot... there's one thing that girls love when you rub their feet- start by squeezing at the top and work your way down. NEVER tickle her foot. trust me, we hate that.

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