Girls: Other than chocolate, what is a accurate remedy for PMS?


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There are actually good teas made in a minute specifically made for PMS and menstrual cramps. I use one called "Female Toner". it works for cramps better than even pain killer like codeine do. I use to make the tea for my daughter and it worked great for her. Check out your local vigour food store. There is also a tea made from "cramp bark" which is used for female problems. Hope this helps.

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Oil of evening primrose will sustain balance your hormones (no mood swings) A tea with red raspberry surrounded by it is good for overall health, and progesterone cream will backing with sore breasts. Although you should probably ask your doctor about that second one, but it really does work. Good luck!

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Midol! you might also want to try to boil some cinnamon sticks and add some sugar after it has boiled within your cup and if you like coconut or chopped pecans taste great surrounded by it!It helps pms and helps grasp all the blood out quicker even great after child birth!Hope it helps!

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There's lot of things you can do to cause yourself more comfortable during your period..

Check out the link for a chronicle of suggestions!
Warm bubble baths and stretching work for me!!

Good luck!

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Chocolate is the worst thing! As tempting as it may be, drink a banana instead. Diet and exercise help and just verbs living. I am trying to make the adjustment myself at the moment. It's tough but I know I will feel better for it.

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Exercising or simply being active certainly helps a lot :) and it doesn't form me feel fat for ingestion all that chocolate or other sweets.

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Uh, probably caramel, cookies, and/or ice cream.

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Bananas :)

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Hot baths, anything sweet really.

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Being stout.

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sweet fruit

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