girls i obligation your lend a hand! i haven't gotten my length surrounded by 1 month i'm lone 13

i haven't gotten my period in a month and i don't reason i'm pregnant because i've never had a boyfriend i don't even hang out near boys and i'm always with my parents so yea i hope i'm not!! i don't want to describe my mom because i'm scared she might think wrong and and start asking me adjectives these questions and i dont want to go to the doctors because she other asks me wen i got my last interval. i haven't even had any cramps i am bleeding a little bit but when i out a wad it's never really my period this has be happening for weeks i'm really scared please lend a hand me! oh and i have only have my period for i think 1 year HELP ME PLEASE!

Answers:    Relax. If you've never have sex then there is no workable chance that you are pregnant. Also, you are only 13. Because you are so youthful and haven't had your period for a long amount of time, you will not enjoy a regular menstrual cycle for awhile--this could be years but it should be regular by the time your are 18 years old. Because you have be bleeding for a few weeks (but have no yet have a full period this month) then you should see your doctor/gynecolgist. But relax because this could be really nothing but your body getting used to having a regular menstrual cycle. Do not be afraid to share this information near your doctor. He or she is NOT going to pass judgements about you. Having a time of year is a very natural article and doctors realize this. They have seen totally bizarre and nonstandard things. Periods are not bizarre or abnormal. If you have manly doctor and this makes you uncomfortable next request a female. This is what I did and the office I go to had absolutely NO problem next to finding a female for me to talk near.

Remember--it is NOT unlikely for you to have an erratic cycle for the next few years. Stressing out in the order of your period will sometimes delay it. But at hand is no possible way you are pregnant unless a penis ejaculates into your vagina.

Talk near your mom about this as she knows give or take a few periods and isn't going to think you are misbehaving. She can probably unflappable your fears much better than yahoo, also.

you are going to be just fine..
Don't worry, it's regular at your age that your period doesn't come at a regular basis. For some society it even skips a few months, which is alright.
If it's worrying you that much though, you should definately talk to your mother, she won't think anything doomed to failure of you, don't worry. If not, try talking to your family connections Doctor or something, they will be able to help you and answer any question you may have. :) There are many reason you can miss a period like getting more exercise consequently normal, and stress, personally my period are really randumb I never know when to excpect them so i think your just fine! but I own heard that if you worry deeply about missing a period, that make it come even later, so try to stop worrying about it, because this is impeccably normal! .
when girls get their period they never even completly regulate for a full 3 years. and that little bit of blood could be your period for this month. don't worry something like it. and if your mom asks tell her the truth. and if you always beside your parents then they should know that you aren't hanging around near any boys and are not sexually active. RELAX are not pregnant. First of all you are solely 13 and whenyou first begin having your time of year it is normal to go for months short one until your body settles into a cycle and they become regular...but if you are having regular Light bleeding you need to describe your mom... this needs to be checked by Your Doctor...~~Aloha dance tell Mom~~.
its prolly cus you have solely had your period for a year, and it is still irregular No worries your to youthful. Its always going to be irregular when your young..
Don't verbs!
its totally normal to not have a regular stencil yet.
I have gone similar to 4 months once.
It tend to get really annoying, but you will get used to it, I promise.
So peaceful down and don't be scared ! (:.
you need to chill hold to have sex in decree to get prego. so just composed down, you could be just late. that happen. It's normal. I've had mine for almost two years and it still doesn't come at the exact same time..
omg simply ask your mom she would always know and if she starts asking questions next to sex then just transmit her you haven had it. and your fine theres nothing wrong really but i cogitate you should go to the doctor step 1 stop stressing step 2 relax step 3 just make conversation to your mom and tell her that you don't want to go to a doctor.
If you enjoy never had sexual intercoarse with anyone, next you are fine. It's normal, your cycle is just starting to ge into place. Its still for a time here and there... Hope this helps XD Relax.. this is middle-of-the-road. You are young, your period is going to be irregular sometimes. Your body is still developing and going through change. This is normal...
You don't sound pregnant to me at adjectives! Relax... The same thing was arranged to me this last winter (I'm 13 too!) For the first few years your period will sometimes closing longer or sometimes not happen at all. I get mine in 6th grade but next I didn't have it again for almost another year. Most girls will go through this for a bit... I'm still working on that myself, once mine last for 3 weeks straight! Not fun! So missing your period is pretty normal and once it does come every month you may need it would stop. Good Luck! Hope this helps!! when i first got my interval it was very irregular for the first few years...certainly it was all over the map until i be in my late teens but especially when i be should not be afrais to approachyour mom or dr. if you are not doing anything with boys...they should be capable of answer your questions...i think you should also pilfer some time to find out exactly what needs to happen for a girl to capture pregnant you are old enough and should know this information.
correct luck and stop worrying...your fine

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