Girls i requirement you back?

Im turning 14 soon and im short about 5 foot and when my dick is soft its about 3inchs and when its knotty its about 5inchs 5 1/2
is this small for my size and age?? is there a course to make it bigger

Lady I must know cut or uncut widespread or long?

It could be normal for your age but I would recommend chitchat to your dad as well and also your doctor when you go within for your next check up to see what they say.

Not have my interval this month produce my cravings?

First time of year, fatty bleeding - 6 weeks postpartum?
Little Survey...?
What the symptoms of Yeast infection contained by a man?
  • Why do you own to enjoy have one child since getting Mirena?
  • Should you or shouldn't you sleep beside a bra?

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