Girls press!???

Whats your makeup rutien??im 13 and i guess i wear alot of makeup but it looks really natural and i look oo muchh older them i am lacking it so yah haha. I will but blush on then bronser then i curl my lashes the I put a realy desk light eyeshadow on my whole lid and highlight underneith my nouns and in the tearduct of my eye and then i but so brown eyeliner on and mascara and maby resembling a colour of eye shadow i have 48 colours haha. Whats ur usuall rutein??

Answers:    when i get out of the shower i first put on a moisturizer. next i put on my foundation with a foundation brush & concealer brush. make sure it maches you inbred skin color so u wont have spotts i normaly use ture blend by cover girl it works very in good health. its flawless. & also pure minerals works. well my next step is putting a wiry layer or cover girls Clean Passing Powder all over my obverse. next i put my bronzer. then i lug a darfer bronzer and put it only on my cheer bones. then i embezzle bluch and put it on my cheeks and blend a little on the darker bronzer that i put on my cheek bones. subsequent i put my eye liner on i use black from MAC. next i curl my eye lashes & use Volum' Express Turbo Boost Mascara by Maybelline N.Y i dont usally use eyeshadow but if i do i would put it on at this step then i basically put lip gloss or something.

hope i helped! [=.
1.I get up up and brush, floss, and wash my face.

2.After wash up i moisturize my face with lotion containing sunscreen to prevent from sunburn, blistering, or later on age spots.

3.I apply concealer

4.I apply a light blush f.rom the apples of my cheeks to temple.

5.Use powder to keep makeup on and prevent oily skin.

6.I put on an eye shadow (my favorite is green and wishy-washy blue mixed together). Then mascara.

thats all!.
my usual "routine" is pale gold ingots eyeshadow, mascara, curl eyelashes and a dash of brown eyeliner on the lower waterline, no foundation/blush, simply vaseline. on occassions, its liquid liner, more shadow, slightly smokey and more sophisticated, but not overdne. other things are same. and a little bit of clear lipgloss. :) honey ur only 13, savour the makeup but dont let it become an obsession! rmb to soak up ur life and childhood too! Curl my hair (it's readily straight), clean my face, pluck my eyebrows if needed, put contained by my contacts, put on eyeliner and I'm done. I don't use coverup because I have freckles and I like them. And I don't wear eye shadow because, I of late don't think it looks good on me. .
Foundation, bronzer, blush, mascara, perchance eyeliner, gloss.

^^ typical school year. If I'm just lazing around the house, I don't bother, and if Im merely going out for a bit, I may put on some gloss and headout.

You're only 13? Cut put money on a bit..
durring the summer i just wear i liner durring school i wear eyeliner mascara and floor if its a special occasion i wear eye shadow i would say loose the blush and the put emphasis on other than that it sounds fine In the summer I stick with purely eyeliner and mascara, the other stuff is too much in the heat and I can't stand it. Otherwise I try to keep hold of it natural looking. .
everyday i were:
and lip comment on
and i look good and nautral lol
oh yeah and im 13 too lol.
In the summer I don't wear anything but eyeliner but when school starts I wear:
curl eyelashes

:) It looks inborn!.
Mascara on the top eylashes and half of the bottom.
andd honeylust eyeshadow from mac.
Makeup looks best if its natural looking..
i use foundation and consequently powder then i use eyeliner then mascara thats adjectives and btw im 15 almost 16 way too much. girls shouldnt be dependant on make up to look honest. i only wear mascara and coverup to hide the heaps under my eyes..
ya way too much makeup

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