Genette 35 Tablet-Is it protected to lug for PCOS

Hi all I am suffering from PCOS, and doctor prescribed me genette 35 . is it safe to rob. i searched in Net and come to know the side effects of the same. Doctor gave me adage it wil regulate my periods but i am experiencing inter menstrual bleeding . please suggest

Answers:    Since this seems to be your first time on the pill, your body for the subsequent three months will have to adjust to it, mostly all birth control does hold the side affect of breakthrough bleeding, but it doesnt happen to everyone, I have pocs also my doctor prescribed me FemconFe, b/c it is a low doasge pill, b/c I am also taking Metormin, only just continue with your pack, if you wish not to call your doctor and ask them what is the best entry to do for your body!
hii, i hv PCOS too, n i hv had ths tablet fr an yr, its absolutly safe but subsequent on i changed it to "my pill" cus i had to chnge d doctor since i got posted to a brand new place n i found my pill better thn genette 35, as far as side effects r concernd thy r same wid every pill, but yes ifu hv regular headache, nausia, mood swings, drowsiness, thn try asking ur doctr to chnge d pill cus thr r svrl odr pills u cn switch to.

good luck

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