For women next to PCOS - does this nouns decipherable?

I was diagnosed with PCOS nearly 10 years ago and am immediately 32. I was put on birth control as hormone treatment and even took glucophage to help balance the chance of diabetes a few years back (I go off when I got pregnant and since later, the dr hasn't felt my levels required the extra drug). I be always around a size 10/12 but never really exercised or watched what I ate. As i approached 30, i took a hot, healthy approach to life and lost 40 lbs and go down to a size 2. Now i'm back at a 12 and the weight have come on very quickly. I'm other tired, moody and lack any kind of motivation. could this be a hormone problem? Have you have anything similar and was it related to the PCOS? What did you do to get vertebrae to being healthy?

Answers:    I imagine now you need to watch out with what you are eating, you dont want to eat white flour, sugars and things like that b/c that works against your body when you own pocs, I have it and is currently talking Metoformin and I own lost some weight but I wont stop taking them, you did and you see your results, I think that you should budge back on them and start eating glowing plus if you want to have another baby, a well body is the best way to start!
Peace v.
Could be related to your PCOS or it could be related to hypothyroidism. A LOT of women that I know, after having a child, develop hypothyroidism (why? I don't know, but I already get it so if I have kids what's the worst that could happen to me...LOL).

You should acquire your hormone levels checked and like the previous poster said, return with checked for diabetes too.

Good luck, honey!.
your symptoms do sound like type 2 diabetes. draw from it checked

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