For women next to harsh yeast infections, could HPV be the inflict?

I'm curious to know how many women that have inexorable yeast infections have HPV. Doctors blow it off beside a shrug. I don't know how to get rid of it. Looking for a good doc too.

Answers:    Women next to HPV have been set to have vaginal or vulvar pain disorders (I'm one of them) but I enjoy never heard of HPV causing excessive yeast infections.
Have you have any blood tests done to rule out any other underlying medical conditions? If you have not have any tests done it might be a good perception to get that checked out just to be not detrimental. .
I'm not sure about HPV but I've had a few yeast infections surrounded by my day. Usually they are caused by a hormonal lack of correspondence, which are more frequent before your period as your hormones draw from out of whack.

Also, can be caused by the type of underwear you are wearing, they could be not allowing your vagina to breath properly. And wearing wet or rainy clothing for too long in that area, as resourcefully as clothing that is too tight for your vagina, will cause or can inflict yeast infections.

I would ask your doctor to name you all of the reason that you can get a yeast infection and ask her/him to tell you ways to prevent them!.
if you are sexually stirring your partner needs to be treated too
he could be reinfecting you

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