For Ladies-What is your worst behavior while have PMS?

I get extremely annoyed with everything, even the expression on some peoples face annoy me.

I'm a dude near a preg. request for information.?

My worst pms behavior - I get so cranky I can't even stand myself for one, I am hungry all the time, I want to argue for the sake of arguing it's similar to fun for me, I cry at absolutely nothing - period suck.

What should I take my boyfriends mother for mothers year?

Yeah, I've had those days where I only just want to smack the expressions off peoples' faces. lol.

For me, I win bloated, so then I feel portly. So I'll be in my room ripping everything out of my closet and crying about how "fat" I am.

Had a laproscopy 7 days ago and i have sex and i could obtain pregnant, would that be unpromising?

When my husband is trying to be cute and playful I snap at him. I hatred it when I do that. It's like I can't control my inner b*tch.

I also get frustrated burst out crying over really pointless things. Last time the culprit be the grocery list

Is it usual to remember things that happen while you be drunk?

I do that too and I hate emotion all mad adjectives the time but mine usually goes away when I start or a few days after.

That and my breasts get REALLY tender =[

Breast lump during self nouns??

adjectives my emotions are super extreme...
so things i would normally be for a moment sad about, i cry at. i cry adjectives the time when i'm pmsing lol! it's insane.

I am inept to orgasm during sex?

yea me too

LEEP nouns?

Which birth control pill, ring, method do you use?
How Old Are You When Your Boobs Stop Growing?? LOL?
  • Vaginial Bleeding of perioid ??
  • While on birthcontrol when should ur perios come?

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