For adjectives girls, at what size and what age!?

At what size and age, so aa, a, b yatiyatiya.. did you start wearing a cupped bra?

Answers:    11- 28aa !
12- 32a
13- 34b
14- 34b

I think I was roughly 11 or 12 when I had to have a bra. My daughter needed one at 11 and presently wears FF cup. Her daughter needed one at 9 and is also size FF. Neither of these girls is fat!! They are simply "blessed".

AA and A are to keep tender nipples from being rubbed by the clothing. in that is not much support needed there. From B up one either desires support or needs protection from clothing rubbing.

Aren't you glad we don't have to wear corsets?? Of course for us heavier girls, they do hold the advantage of maximum support without the drag across the shoulders of modern bras..
I be 8, starting 3rd grade, and so embarrassed. My back-to-school physical included the doctor's counsel that I needed support.

Some kids develop quite early, others comparatively late. Our daughter needed a bra at ten..
i'm a c and i wear a cupped bra now...don't remember when i started to though...i chew over it just depends on what your comfortable with honestly. 13. I be a B.

I was wearing a training bra (no cups or underwire) at 11. My nipples had popped out, so I wore the training bra to minimize the effect..
I cogitate it was 7th grade and I started at a B cup. Before that it be just a sports bra.

I hate wearing bras very soon and go without as recurrently as I can. =/.
I was age 13 cup size 32A 13
grow boobs
a cupped 13 am still 13 satrted wearing it last month adjectives depends

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