Foot tingles, i pee alot, little dizzy, tired, no sex drive, what is wrong?

And I am always thirsty.

Answers:    You need to ask you doc not lone for a fasting blood sugar but also think give or take a few getting a "hemoglobin A1C" which will tell you your blood sugar levels over the ending 90 days. A blood sugar test can sometimes be deceiving just contained by itself for diagnosis as it can be affected by what you eat surrounded by the last 24 hours, as well as my stress and rest. A HgA1C will show your insulin trends over 3 months and is far more accurate, it is a simplet blood examination, good luck and go soon..
All these indicate towards soaring blood sugar.Please get it checked immediately. i would win checked for diabetes cause the peeing and the thirst are tell-tale signs

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