Females: Symptoms of HPV and how recurrently does it come rear?

I went to the gyno awhile back and my first audition came back beside HPV, so then I had to budge back again for another pap test, and everything come back okay. I have HPV but it go away on it's own but then comes back, how do you know if you own it again if the only symptom you had be itching, there isn't anything visible. I scrounging how often does it keep coming stern. If only they had that vaccine that they hold now back when I be in my 20's. I've already had cervical cancer once. I guess my best bet is a moment ago to get in to see the dr again....This can achieve pricey if it keeps coming back again and again. I imply now that it's the weekend, I'm going to just conceivably think it's a yeast infection and go grasp some cream for that, but if that doesn't cure it, then I for sure need to dance to the dr. Has any other females had it before, if so how commonly did it come back and what were your symptoms....freshly have so many question.

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There is no symptoms of HPV...and you enjoy it for the rest of your life.

  • Females: Symptoms of HPV and how normally does it come hindmost?
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