minister to breast size??????????????????

i have small boobs but ive just turned 15.
i started my length when i was 14
my mother and sisters seem to hold the same boob size. (36C)
but im slim and my mother and sister werent like me at adjectives when they were younger.
will i get like peas in a pod boob size as my relatives?

Answers:    Good Chance and genetic will probably place you in your relative' s size range.
Keep contained by mind, period at 14 don' t make you an full-grown. I had my period stating when I be 12 , I grew up until I was 15 /16 but believe me, my 36 C did not come before my 19 /20 You are still too childish. Anyway, it looks like you will not be a natural DDD, but personnally, for optical and for ease, you should pray that you will not be more than a C. I remember; to me a B was lately perfect, especially if you have a fit body..
Usually nation have similar sized breasts to their mothers but not always. My mother have big boobs & as a result I have big boobs.but then again you're lone 15 so you've still got a good couple of years for your boobs to grow - my sister be flat chested until she was 19 & then she reach a D cup, whereas I've been a D since I was 14 so it pretty much depends. Just hang around a few more years & see Breast development and menstrual cycles are very commonly very similar to mothers and grandmothers. It is genetic. But important point is 5 stages of breast nouns. Learn more.
My sister was short and has bigger boobs than me. She is 5' 2" and I am 5' 5". My mother is also short and have bigger boobs. yes i expect you will but dont worry if you dont big isnt everything ive just have a reduction!

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