Endometriosis - Ultra sounds

I had an internal ultrasound today and the woman doing it said there be no signs of endometriosis in the ultrasound.

Does this mean I don't own it or that there is still a possibility?

Answers:    No, You could still have it. Heather is exactly right. You cannot diagnose beside a ultrasound if you endo or not. If the doctor knows for sure you have it afterwards yes, they can possibly see some of it on a ultrasound but if not then no. I have 2 huge cysts on both ovaries and the doctor told me i needed surgery to have them removed. he honestly told me then he couldn't determine the type of cyst until surgery. All this mortal said when i went for my laparotomy i had stage 4 endo. they did not see any of it on the ultrasound and could not diagnose the cysts they saw as endometrial cysts. a ultrasound is just a tool. it can tell where things are but not other what they are. Another example of this. I had a chocolate cyst to rupture but after a long extensive ultrasound in the emergency room i be diagnosed with a simple cyst rupture. they could not tell that the gooey in my abdomen be blood and not cyst fluid. i was diagnosed later that my cyst be a endo cyst that ruptured.

All this being said. Have a lap done. its a certainty that its the only proven way to diagnose endo. any credible doctor or endo website will describe you that. Good luck..
NO, this does not mean you don't have it, unlike the citizens above said. There is no way to know for sure that you don't have endo if you've solely had an ultrasound. The only process to know for sure is to do a laparoscopy. A laparoscopy is where your doctor takes a small margin and makes an incision to look into your belly button to see if they see any endometriosis. While sometimes if you have severe endo they can quality it slightly during a pelvic exam or see it during an ultrasound, there are times that they can only see it during a laparoscopy. I know this because I enjoy been suspected of having it and am in the order of to have a second laparoscopy to check again. I also have 2 women contained by my family with it. If you really touch that you have endo, you should definitely ask your doctor to set up a laparoscopy for you. Good luck! I hope this help!! The specificity and sensitivity of a seeing Endo on an ultrasound is incredibly low and virtually useless.

The only times disease will show up on TVUS or other diagnostic tests is contained by severe, established disease that is presenting as large tons and/or endometriomas of the ovaries, and then only a particularly low percentage of the time. A diagnosis of Endo *cannot* be obtained until it is confirmed via surgical (laparoscopy) biopsy and in some cases, visualization during the surgery - but even consequently, histological confirmation of the presence of ectopic endometrial glands and stroma is required for a certain diagnosis. Anyone stating differently simply does not understand the disease or its pathology. Anyone who treats Endo through medical suppression base on a suspected diagnosis only is doing their patients a disservice.

Simply because it didn't show up on your US is in no passageway whatsoever an indication that you do or don't have the disease. Here are some links for more info and help -







You'll patently want to check those all out to learn more and wish on the right choices as to what your next step(s) should be to ensure you obtain an *accurate* diagnosis and proper, powerful treatment.

Good luck to you..
The doctor didn't know I had it until they did an ultrasound. I they didn't see anything, be happy. You probably don't hold it. No you don't have it Hun ..as soon as i had this ultrasound they know straight away and was put on meds the same daylight

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