Endometriosis Symptoms...?

Where's a good website that talks around symptoms and treatment for Endometriosis? I apologize if I spelled it wrong (=

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Until you have a laparoscopy done and your gyno says for sure that you do hold endo, don't get too concerned yet and don't drive yourself crazy worrying going on for it. You could have another gynaecological problem all together. Something that is to say far more treatable like an ovarian cyst as ovarian cysts can sometimes be missed even with ultrasound, especially if a sonography technician is not experienced adequate to know about ovarian cysts and sometimes ovarian cysts can’t be seen on ultrasound due to their location at the rear the ovary for example.

There is no cure for endo and the only major medical treatments treat the symptoms itself not the disease. In other words dull pain management through drugs etc or surgery to burn/excise the endo implants.

Underneath is a correlation to some websites where you can find some great information:

http://adam.give or take a few.com/reports/000074_3.h...

I would recommend that if you think you have endometriosis that you consult near your gyno for further evaluation.

If you have any further questions you can email me direct, the interconnect to my email is in my profile.

Good luck. :)

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