Endometriosis.. Need Help!!

Ok! So.. I am wondering.. women with endometriosis was it intricate to get your doctor to diagnose you with this.. also how older are you??...
My doctor keeps telling me I am "TOO YOUNG" to enjoy it (I am 21).. It runs in the family and I hold all the symptoms..

Answers:    You should definitely see another OB/GYN. Your doctor categorically doesn't know what they are talking about if they said you are too young at heart to have endo at 21. Most women with endo are diagnosed around your age. There is a extraordinarily good chance that you own endo if you have all the symptoms and it runs contained by your family, especially since it can be genetic. I sort of know how you feel roughly speaking not being diagnosed properly. I also have adjectives the symptoms of endo and have 2 women in my inherited that have it. However, I had a laparoscopy surrounded by February and my old doc told me she saw nothing and nought was wrong. I have presently been seeing a new doctor and he said he think it's very likely that I enjoy endo. I'm now have to jump through another laparoscopy at the end of this week to check for it. I think you should gain another doctor ASAP before you spend more time suffering and seeing a doctor who won't listen to you. I hope you get some nouns from your symptoms and get a diagnosis. I hope this helped! Good luck!!.
I be diagnosed with it at the age of 10. The first menstrual cycle I had put me within the hospital for 4 days. I was diagnosed immediately. You call for to see a different doctor if yours says you are too young. Both my nieces own it and they are 20 and 22. My sister also has it and has have it for 26 years. I had to have a partial hyst. because mine could no longer be controlled near pills. It took me years to get diagnosed. They kept telling me it be just period throbbing and 'welcome to womanhood'. I was diagnosed when I was 19. At 26, I have a complete hysterectomy because it became so bad. No problems, stomach-ache or periods since..
Find another doctor. You are most certainly not too young at heart to have it, and not getting it treated can lead to more serious robustness issues and sterility. Yes it's very possible for you to have it. It's not adjectives for young people to hold it. It is possible though

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