how do you know if you have it... my aunt has it and she cant own kids but she like bleeds alot and gets discouraging cramps. i read somewhere that if you have kinda bad ovulation bleeding you hold it and i bleed alot when i ovulate does that mean i have it :(

Lots of headache,??

One of the biggest problems in connection with endometriosis is that the signs of this disease in the early stages, appear to be the ‘normal’ bodily change that take place with the menstrual cycle. It is simply as time goes by that a woman begins to suspect that what is arranged, and the symptoms she feels, are not normal. The cramp of her menstrual cycle gradually and steadily becomes worse and worse as the months shift by. This is only the beginning of what will become a gradual decline contained by a woman’s general health, as very well as the health of her reproductive system.

Having said that, there are unusual instances where some women do actually own Endometriosis, but they are nearly free of any symptoms.

* The most common symptoms of Endometriosis are:
- Pain before and during period
- Pain with intercourse
- General, chronic pelvic pain throughout the month
- Low fund pain
- Heavy and/or irregular periods
- Painful bowel movements, especially during menstruation
- Painful urination during menstruation
- Fatigue
- Infertility
- Diarrhoea or constipation

I be suffering symptoms especially severe pelvic pain that lasted throughout my entire cycle, and my period were so intense and painful that I could scarcely get out of bed. I have have quite heavy bleeding and also the torment that feels like someone is stabbing me next to a knife around my ovaries. I also experienced pain next to intercourse, pain with urination, strain with bowel movements, had lower posterior pain and fatigue.

I had plentiful tests done, which included ultrasounds, CT-scan, blood tests, swabs, papsmears, X-rays etc, for months (almost a year) and adjectives of those tests came subsidise "normal" and didn't show anything. I was finally diagnosed with endometriosis closing year by having a laparoscopy done.

If you do in certainty have endo then your best drug is research. You have to be well informed and be proactive contained by your treatment process. I have done a lot of research over olden times few months and have talked to frequent women who were told they "may" have endo or that they do own endo.

Until you have the laparoscopy done and your gyno says for sure that you do own endo, don't get too concerned yet and don't drive yourself crazy worrying almost it. You could have another gynaecological problem all together. Something that is to say far more treatable like an ovarian cyst as ovarian cysts can sometimes be missed even with ultrasound, especially if a sonography technician is not experienced plenty to know about ovarian cysts and sometimes ovarian cysts can’t be seen on ultrasound due to their location losing the ovary for example.

There is no cure for endo and the only major medical treatments treat the symptoms itself not the disease. In other words cramp management through drugs etc or surgery to burn/excise the endo implants.

The first entry I would recommend you do is to consult with your doctor/gyn about your option to have the laparoscopy or to find a gynaecologist/specialist that knows greatly about and has seriously of experience with diagnosing and treating women with endometriosis. You may want to take home a list of questions you hold that you can discuss with him/her when you see them (have a look for some example questions at the following site: http://www.endometriosis.org/first-consu...

Underneath is a connection to some websites where you can find some great information:


If you have any further questions you can email me direct, the join to my email is in my profile.

Good luck. :)

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Don't worry too much basically yet :)

Take note of your symptoms during your term. If you have a lot of aching, and if it's very heavy or last too long, tell your doctor. Keep track of your cycles too, if they're really irregular or come too often that can be a symptom as in good health.

Ask for a referral to a gynecologist.

Take care!

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Don't jump to conclusions or speculate.A lot of females own heavy blood flow during their ovulating period,but that doesn't penny-pinching they have Endometriosis.If you truly feel that something may be wrong win it properly diagnosed by a physician...Good luck!=)

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The only way to know for sure if you own it is to have an OB/GYN do a laparoscopy.

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