When you have surgery for endometriosis by a gynecologist, does the gynecologist also check on your bowels, colon, bladder and any other organs inside your abdomen?

Can endometriosis grow inside your bowels, colon or bladder? Or does it simply grow on the outside of these organs? I have heard that it can sometimes grow inside the ovaries and uterus, but what nearly the bowels, colon or bladder and if it can or does grow inside these organs (bowels etc) obviously your gynecologist can't see it can she? How would they know or find out?

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I had surgery for my endometriosis roughly speaking 3 years ago. Mine is fairly moderate and after my surgery I went on a 6 month treatment of Lupron injections that help immensely at the time. I have been on hormones ever since, but sometimes consider have them go back within there and burn out the endometrial tissue. For some women who struggle with it, this have been the best solution. When they go contained by laparoscopically, they have a pretty good viewpoint of the entire pelvis. They can see the pelvic cul-de-sac, the ovaries, uterus, bladder, kidneys, colon, rectum, appendix and about midway up your abdomen. They found the endometrial tissue growing on the stern of my uterus (and since i have a retroverted uterus it is sitting up against my kidneys as well), my spinal cord and back muscles, and my rectum. I enjoy never heard of it growing inside the bowels, but yes it can rarely obtain into the lungs, upper abdomen and even the brain as someone mentioned. If it is on the outside of the bowel, it can sometimes penetrate the bowel wall but does not grow adjectives the way through to the inside. The vast majority of cases own it contained in the low pelvis. Your doctor may or may not burn it out depending on what he sees. The surgery is rather simple and doesn't have a bad retrieval at all. If they want to inspect your bowels, the best way to do that is to say through a colonoscopy, endoscopy, or a capsule study where you literally swallow a pill that have a camera in it. I have done the tablet study twice and it is crazy! Endometriosis is still a very mysterious disease and there are tons debates about how it spreads into other areas of the body, but I own never heard of it inside anything. You doctor will have a incredibly good view laparoscopically and should be capable of tell you the areas it has infected. I own been through alot of severe health issues and would be healthy to help you out with any question you may have. Best wishes.

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It can be almost anywhere, though obviously it's more occasional farther from the usual area.

It's been found everywhere surrounded by the pelvic cavity, in csection scars, laparoscopy scar, the bladder, bowel, intestines, colon, appendix, rectum. It's also very rare, but have been found in the vagina, inside the bladder, on the skin, the lungs, spine and brain. It's a growth of tissue close to the lining of the womb, not actually tissue from in that.

I wouldn't expect that sort of extreme thing though. Do try not to worry.

It would depend on exactly what type of surgery the squad is doing, and what they suspect. It'd be best to ask your doctor if you worry about more extensive problems.


I am going surrounded by for surgery for Endometriosis in a few weeks. My OBGYN has explained to me that he will be in motion in laproscopic and use a cam to see how bad it is. If it's really discouraging he is going to preform Major abdominal surgery and take it off that process. So depending on how bad you have it depends on how they treat it. And no it can not grow IN your bowls or anything resembling that. What happens is when you have your interval not all the blood and tissues come out and essentially they have stern flowed into your abdomen. And the only means of access to know for sure that you have it is to have surgery.

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