i was told by my gyno that she thinks i may enjoy endometriosis, because i have very rough pelvic exams, and also, pain in my belly, and as i was looking it up, i aslo have awfully low very painful lower rear pain, as well as anguish during sex, and i read it can be up by your bladder, and i was wondering (embarrasing) but, every time i laugh, cough, or sneeze, i percolate (pee) i tried to talk to my hubby, and all he does is gurgle at me, and critize me about it. i am going to go to another gyno (as i didn't approaching this one) and also eventually when i get a job and insurance, to a fertility clinic, and hold something done, (as all symptoms are severe that i have) but does anyone else have this, does it nouns like my leaking problems may be a wreak of the emdometriosis, and how did you deal with it if you do enjoy it??

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I understand your pain truly I do, you entail to find a ob/gyn dr who specializes in infertility issues. To check for certain that you enjoy endometriosis they would have to do a laparoscopy :is direct visualization of the peritoneal cavity, ovaries, outside of the tubes. You may have to win your bladder checked as well and it may or may hot be due to the endometriosis you need. I did not own it, my dr thought I did, b/c pcos which I did have has some of indistinguishable symptoms. Good luck and don't take your hubby's critisizing you that is not loving or respecting you at adjectives. I pray you get it resolved soon.

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Tiffany, for sure find a gyno you like!
YES, your bladder symptoms could be from endometriosis... it does natural and crazy things to your body. I had 2 surgeries laproscopically to target, remove endo, cysts and adhesions. That could contained by the long run be an easier fix than the fertility clinic. After a laprosopic surgery to explore, determine endo and clean it out, they can give you Lupron shots. A woman who have endo is more fertile after the 6 months of shots than possibly she has ever been. It also stunts the endo for several years... which take away your symptoms!!

Good luck!

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your bladder has probably drop and you probably need to run have surgery to have it lift and reconstructed.
Talk to you PCP about it and see what he/she think

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go to doctor after doc! they have a current shot out for it if u do have it-but go to at smallest 10 docs! my friend had it but had to acquire everything removed-now the other friends was told she had it-after a year a doc found out her bladder ripped. put in the picture ur hubby its nothing to make joke about from me! call him a few name for me too! did u get tested for every std-hpv there is!!?? ultrasounds-x rays? attain them all done n have other doc look at them! kidney stones-kidney problems !! (my daughter have kidney n bladder problems) n it hurts her back sometimes. go to diff free clinics too. best of luck to u!

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Endometriosis is a condition within which the endometrium, the lining of the uterus, grows in areas outside the uterus cause pain and infertility. This tissue can grow in the pelvic nouns, on the ovaries, on the outer surface of the uterus or near the rectum or bladder. Occasionally it may be found in distant organs, as for instance a blemish of the abdominal wall or in the lungs. It is a non-cancerous condition.

Normally the endometrial tissue that develops outside the uterus is stimulated by oestrogen, the female sex hormone and later breaks down and bleeds at the time of menstruation, as does the endometrium in the uterus. This causes respectively time irritation, swelling and pain. In the long run scar tissue forms and adhesion may develop between organs. In the ovaries, one may find cysts, lined by endometrium and filled near blood pigments.

The symptoms should be.

Increasingly painful menstrual periods.

A dull to severe lower abdominal hurt, before or during menstruation that radiates towards the lower fund.

Pain during intercourse or with bowel movements.


A complete medical history and a thorough internal pelvic examination may relief to identify the problem. During the physical examination nodules formed as a result of endometriosis in the final of the vagina may be palpated.
MRI or magnetic resonance imaging may be used to identify endometriosis implants surrounded by the soft tissues. Laparoscopy may provide a more accurate diagnosis and may be used to distinguish between endometriosis, pelvic tumours and other disorders that produce symptoms similar to those of endometriosis.

Treatment depends on the extent of the disease, the woman’s desire for future child bearing, the amount of symptoms experienced and the woman’s age.

Medical treatment includes painkillers that treat the discomfort of the disease. It may be indicated for women with mild to moderate menstrual pain, beside no pelvic examination abnormalities and next to no immediate desire to become pregnant.

Progestogens, which have some of the properties of the innate progesterone, can be beneficial. They are given continuously either alone or in combination near an oestrogen (as in a combined oral contraceptive pill), during several months in a row. However, this treatment cannot cause scar tissues and nodules caused by the disease disappear. There can be side effects of depression or spotting which may constrain this option for treatment. Other medications, the so-called GnRH-analogs, produce a sharp decrease in the production of oestrogen and a condition that resembles that following the menopause. During the time of treatment, symptoms will abate. Unfortunately, because of the side effects of this therapy, it cannot be prolonged beyond three months.

Surgical treatment may consist of burning up endometrial implants near a thermocautery or a laser beam. This can presently be done via a laparoscope. The wall of endometriotic cysts of the ovaries can also be removed using this approach. What may work well for one woman may not back another. Usually, a combination of medications and surgical treatment tailored to the individual controls endometriosis. In case of advanced endometriosis, the doctor may suggest removal of the uterus and of the ovaries.

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