During Intercourse a moment ago 3 hours up to that time Condom be teared, I am fear of Pregnancy, please suggest me?

During Intercourse just 3 hours before Condom be teared, I am feared of Pregnancy, please suggest me
what steps is necessary to avoid pregnancy ?
Note : Last Friday is Completion of PERIOD
Can I use I-PILL http://www.ipillcipla.com/


Answers:    If it didnt go by 48 hours take morning pills
it will help and verbs ur body they are 85% effective ull have a 15 % uncertainty to end up pregnant only, and they will not coz u any impair.

but dont be scared it will delay ur time of year or even miss it
just wait till ur time and relax after taking the pills dont think about it much...
after 2 weeks run a home test not before coz sometimes it shows gloomy if u do it before 2 weeks..so wait approaching 16-18 days and take a test..
morning pee better...
hi dont pocket i pill,if u dont have any kids.are u married by the way? pills hold varied adverse effects on the long run.ther's nothing u can do if u are pregnant

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