Does your sex drive increase the elder you acquire?

mine slowed down years ago but i still fake it for Ward. menopuase toned it down.

Answers:    I've been a horn-ball since I be a child. Ward is truly a lucky man. Is he still treating the Beaver well after all these years?.
your sex drive if the greatest between the ages of just about 18 and 35 because those are really the child bearing years that your body wants sex to own a baby. when you go through menopause your body is producing A LOT smaller amount hormones and it is your hormones that give you a sex drive so it's normal to find that your sex drive slowed down after menopause economically, i'm in my 30's, and each year it have increased to the point of madness now. I'll walk off it at that.
but i have menopausal friends who are still kickin it in soaring gear..
Mine has seemingly increased once I hit about 27.

Sorry Lucky.. I'm single 33 ;)
no, it decreases.
clitoris actually shrinks and your hormones move about away (especially after menopause) For sure it increases...only now I want me a 35-37 year dated man.
<~~~~~40's Cougar..
I am 44 and still as rampant as when I was 20. More quality when you bring older too. The older the better..
It increased once I in reality had sex.

It's there, waiting right in a minute.
My sex drive is in the slow lane with the right blinker on.
I'm 49!! Im hot and in place whenever I get a Woman that truly LOVES me! Im working on that!

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