Does women feel horny when they breastfeeding thier kids?

Answers:    actually mom of five here horny may not be the right word though

There is nothing to be embarrassed about. It's a normal physiological response to lactation hormones. Breastfeeding feels good! If it didn't, very few mothers would do it. It might help to understand just what hormonal responses are taking place.

As your baby nurses, prolactin — known as the "mothering hormone" —
stimulates the body to manufacture milk. This hormone gives you a feeling of relaxation and well-being. Oxytocin, another hormone secreted during breastfeeding, causes the alveoli to contract, releasing milk into the ducts, the milk sinuses, and your baby's mouth. This hormone is responsible for the tingling sensation some mothers feel before a milk ejection reflex, or letdown, and the postpartum uterine cramping felt while breastfeeding.

Oxytocin also causes labor contractions during childbirth and pleasure
contractions during orgasm. Varying amounts of oxytocin are attributed to these different contractions. The arousal you describe while nursing may also be the result of the empowerment and satisfaction you feel knowing that you are meeting all of your daughter's nutritional and emotional needs at the breast

to all the eewwws aparently you never breastfed.
Honestly, I am sure some women do get horny when they are breastfeeding, it may be because of the fact that someone is sucking on their breast (it's a sensitive area to begin with, but it being swollen I'm sure makes it more sensitive). Which would be physical, and it's not like they can control it, but then it may be a very peculiar fetish and that to me isn't right, but i'm sure someone out there has it. But i'm sure that most women do not get horny. Actually the answer is yes it can happen. But not like you are thinking. When you breastfeed and the milk is coming out it triggers something inside you that would cause that feeling. It's not because it feels good, it's just a natural cause of action..
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The answer is 'NO' dumbass! .
No. The pull is much too strong for that.Sometimes it even kind of stings. This is one of the unspoken joys of being a woman and a mother.
NO!but sometimes being aroused can help them get ready for breast feeding Honestly Sometimes I wonder when you see a mom nursing a 4 year old.
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