Does this nouns resembling PMS?

ive been getting really frustrated and it feels resembling i always have to hoof it around like i cant sit down for too long and im always surrounded by the mood for chocolate

Answers:    that definatly sounds like pms, try getting some pms pills and they may help upright luck.
well i sorta feel approaching that anyway, but sometimes it is PMS. but usually if you do have it the last point you want to do is walk around. believe me. but if you feeling approaching mad alot, like even for stuff you know you prolly wouldnt win mad at, but do anyway, then probably. but its different for everybody. some of my friends are if truth be told too happy. i dont get it any. but its true, and once you do get your period, try to remember how you be feeling so you know next time. i judge sometimes women blame everything on PMS-you know, sometimes we just get frustrated, and it have nothing to do with our hormones, and hell- im other in the mood for chocolate, who isnt??.
ya i think so , but dude surrounded by mood of chocolate, i thought i was the only one, but i am not, wow, and u approaching get afended easily or pissed past its sell-by date really easy when ur like that right? grounds i do alot. lol sounds like being a womanly. but yeahh it could be. .
thats pms alright even if ur not on ur period at the moment it could still be it haha my fam cant stand me when i hav it and its just lik that lol Yep :)
Im on my interval atm but i still just burst out in tears lol :P

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