Does the cervical cancer/gardasil shot hurt? does it hurt as much as the flu shot?

PLEASE ANSWER THIS QUESTION IF YOU HAVE HAD BOTH THE FLU SHOT AND THE CERVICAL CANCER SHOT. do they hurt the same amount? the flu shot did NOT hurt me, and everyone says the cervical cancer hurts. does it hurt MORE or LESS or EQUAL to the flu shot? THIS IS MY MAIN QUESTION.

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It hurts equally as much as the flu shot. Don't verbs about it. It will be over with contained by 2 seconds and after the whole series of shots you will be vaccinate against hpv! Just get it over with and stop anyone scared.

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It feels in the region of the same but the Gardasil shot makes you have a feeling like if you have a bruise surrounded by the place where they put in the hypodermic. It stings but it feels like any other shot. Hope this help. :-)

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To me, the gardisil shot stung more than a flu shot. The second dose stung more than the 1st dose for me. I haven't gotten the third.

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I would not get the cervical cancer shot quite nonetheless. They recently came out beside it and they may need to make a few adjustment. I'm waiting a few more years, just in grip...

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They both hurt the same the gardisil shot fells sore after you go and get it though but don't worry about it

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