Does stress really hitch your term?

are there any other that may delay your time of year?

Answers:    yes, i think it does because when i am the most stresses out, i don't get my spell. other things that delay your period is losing mass and a change in diet. that is to say about all the ones i am aware of..
In broad delay could be in following cases:
1. pregnancy (pregnancy test will discover);
2. reaction to stress, illness, emotional situations, medication, inflammation of genital organs, etc. (evaluate your life);
3. wrong use of hormones (including pills);
4. menstrual disorder call oligomenorrhea (duration of the cycle more than 40 days, it could be treated in many cases next to birth control pills but better to visit your doctor)
Be Healthy and Happy! .
Yes extreme stress does deferral your period or you can get it sooner than expected. I remember when my aunt died I be 14 years old and my period be like clock work I guess I was so electric that it came really early during that month. My mom explained that stress plays a central role in your cycle but don't forget about pregnancy delay your period. this is quite adjectives that your periods can become irregular when under any amount of stress or that you may hold changed your diet. and vary on how long this lasts. you should shift to your doctor and ask for advice.

You could have irregular period as well. I'm stressed out all the time and my period are all over the place.

I can't think of anything else that'll stoppage a period. .
Stress, diet, hormones, medication, exercise well, in fact if ur under too much. it can by a few days. but thats rare. and if u miss ur interval check up, u could be pregnant..
yes, also exsessive exercise, oh yeah.pregnancy will do that too:-) never heard that. interesting..
I think it does, because I other skip them when I'm stressed.

Change in diet can do this to you, too..
Yes. yes,
or if you've been excising greatly then it could change consequently too..
YUP yes

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