Does have 2 period this month scrounging that my body is getting all set for pregnancy ?

I also was told that bleeding alot the second time meant my body be preparing for pregnancy soon is this true or false ?

Answers:    No, bleeding can be brought on by stress or medications. All month long your body is preparing and your period is your uterus shedding its bin liner that has built up all month.

The pool liner is where the fertilized egg would implant, when here isn't one implanted the walls of your uterus sort of rub together to shed the lining..
yeah a lot of times women bring back their periods and find out they were pregnant for close to a month but had their period during one and the same month they were pregnant. it's not because your bodys preparing, it's just getting rid of the crap you be going to get rid of anyway. You may want to see a doctor. This happened to mad of bleeding...and when I did go get it checked I found out I have cervical cancer. Not trying to scare you and I am not suggesting that is what it is but bleeding similar to that means there is a problem..
no it doesn't niggardly your body is getting ready for pregnancy. you should go to the gyno here are lots of reasons for a period close together but getting arranged for pregnancy isn't one of them. I don't think it means it's getting arranged for pregnancy, I think it's just your body varying in general and your period won't always be regular.
you shouldnt be bleeding at all if you be pregnant. you might get a bit of spoting for like a sunshine but if its getting heavier then no.
i have never hear of bleeding a lot to "prepair" for pregnancy O.o no hun, stuff like that purely happens, it's happened to me b4. and no ur not pregnant if u be you would NOT b having a period, but if it keep happening too much u might want to see a doctor..
Are... are you serious? Having your a period at adjectives means you are physically ready for pregnancy, but the mental and heartfelt parts are much harder to comprehend. False! Its not good though. You need to see your GYN doctor. Bleeding too commonly can cause anemia. He will give you a medication that will fix things..
truly that's a side affect of a lot of drugs... like crank. I once have two periods in one month, so did my friend when i asked her.. i presume its fine! nothing to worry in the order of..
if I bled for 2 weeks in a month, I would be at the gyn, not worrying about whether I be pregnant or not.. false it means you need to see a Dr.
not true

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