Does Drinking coffe grant you breast lumps?

Its not my problem by the way.

Can you take prego when your on your time of year?

If I have plentifully of caffeine, my breasts become lumpy.


sometimes, yes, from all the caffeine. always...if you are concerned (or if your friend is concerned) roughly the lump, please make an appt to have your OB check it out.

I obligation some suggestions from experience!?

Can't read out I've heard of it, and I can't imagine what the machinery might be.
Be on the safe side, get adjectives lumps checked.

Can I be pregnant when the ending time I have sex be in the region of 6 months ago?

No Period this month? Girls please facilitate me out!?
Doctors solitary please!!?
Stressing over my extent?
  • Mostly doctor & nurses please?
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