Does birth control increase your sex drive?

Cuz...WOW. I just started taking the pills Sunday.

At what age do girls boobs stop growing?

Vinny bein your age essentially increases your sex!
Think about this G/F, the pill doesnt protect you from STD's,
on it's own it's not enough to protect you.

Menstruation on 7 days (FIRST TIME) Is this run of the mill?

It decrease with my mom when she was taking it at resembling 24. My cousins increased when she used to take it. It's different for everyone. So yeah it's possible that it could increase, but it may decrease when you start to purloin it more, and when your body gets use to it.

Does your mucus discharge still vary throughout ur cycle if u r on the pill?

It may in some, it didn't contained by me, it made me sick. But it does raise your hormone levels and regulate period so there may be some testosterone in the brand your taking which can after boost the sex drive.

Period oops!?

It can . it can also decrease it. Everyone's bodies react differently to things though. I individually go back and fourth near my sex drive and I have been on the pill for years.

Why do i surface close to im roughly speaking to 'melt' when i masturbate?

It can, although it can also be a psychological boost. You're smaller amount afraid of becoming pregnant (even if you were not conscious of the fact), so you in turn settle down inhibited.

Weird interval - have this happen to anyone else?

Yer it can do when you first start taking them because of all the hormones in your body! You will start to spy it less and it will go away near regular use.

Advice on Plan B and Birth Control (Nurse?)?

It can, happened to a co-worker of mine. She couldn't function and had to stop taking them. cooperate to your doctor.

First time pop in to the Gynecologist and I'm really Scared. Help and suggestion Please?

it lowered mine...A lot of good it did me then! I didn't hold to worry about getting pregnant, but I didn't even want to hold sex!

Pelvic ovary exam, perchance?

I am looking for nipple cream which make the nipple stand out. I know it's out at hand!?
Birth control question?!?!?
Older ladies I requirement your abet?
  • Can the pill product you get up up hungry contained by the middle of the darkness & binge & wake up up within the morning & binge..?
  • Forgot to pilfer the pill 2 days and 1 hours of darkness?

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