Does anyone know important treatments for PCOS?

I'm open to Allopathic and complementry suggestions.

Almost everyday i ..?

This happens to be my specialty. Polycystic ovary syndrome is cause by the same thing that cause type two diabetes. Lousy diet and lack of exercise. (That's why Metformin is always the drug of choice)

Real simple... find the patient on the Dr. Joel Fuhrman diet asap. and get her out and exercise. A partly hour a day (the more, the better) of brisk walking will do wonders. She will be a new woman contained by less than a month. I promise.

Low GI is absolutely the passageway to go. Most natural foods are low GI. It's the man made crap you own to watch out for. Here's more:

Sore vagina?

I recomend you to try Xango. This is the original mangosteen liquid . The mangosteen is an asian fruit which has a natural nutrients call xanthones. The fruit has 43 xanthones of 200 identified in outlook. This xanthones help to balance our body, so , a different concerned of health problems respond to mangosteen. It has be in the United States for almost six years now, and we are almost a million distributors surrounded by 22 different countries. If you haven't heard of Xango is because you haven't met a distributor yet.

Please move about to to find more about it, and also contained by my page, and choose in the top of the page the American flag, so the information will be displayed in english. ( I live surrounded by México)

Also you can check and see all the different information material is available. You can find here books from doctors that hold been using mangosteen with their patients near wonderful results.

Please, let me know what you think going on for it. My e mail is dexango92(a)
Thank you

Birth control?

Mr. Peachy is right. Here is an MD who confirms what Peachy is saying (scroll down to diet, fertility, and birth defect article):

Health issues, possibly?

metformin, dianette also help to keep our period regular and your signs of pcos disappear like facial hair, etc...

I FEEL SOOOOO impossible I distribute girls to the HOSPITAL??!?

Losing consignment can help. Chinese herbs. And metformin, which help with the insulin insensitivity.

Soft lump on vagina after sex.. serious answers please..?

a course of almost 6reflexology treatments would be a massive help.

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