Does anyone know how to acquire more of a sex drive?

im only a 26 year old feminine and love my man but sometimes i am just not interested. I would like to know if near is way to make me want it as much as he does!

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Try giving your partner a stroke with the following essential oils that are proven aphrodisiacs - bound to get hold of you in the mood: Mix 5 drops of jasmine, 5 drops of rose, 10 drops of sandlwood, 5 drops of bergamot with 500ml of a groundwork massage oil. Or if you dont want to buy a underpinning massage oil simply put the essential oil into a bath and bathe together. Even burning the combination of the oil in an oil burner is destined to put you surrounded by the mood. Good Luck!
PS. Try not to get the oils onto the genital areas during pat as it wont be pretty.

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Why is your sex drive low in the first place? Birth control or any medications can do this. I be in your situation and could never get within the mood. My friend told me about a herbal enhancer which is meant for culture like me with no sex drive and other problems. I took it and after a couple days my sex drive be going up, up and away. It's so great now. Sex is more enjoyable and the orgasms are 20 times better. It's call Hersolution and you can read up about it at where I save on it at the time. You will love this stuff, it's my new best friend. Well good luck and I hope this help.


Usually I have the same problem, zilch really works for me.. UNTIL he starts kissing the back of my neck and my shoulders.. try that! I'm sure you will be surrounded by the mood then! Good luck! =)

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i have this problem too. some innocent foreplay usually help me get into the mood when i'm not. especially when he gives me kisses on the nouns!

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experiment, find out what you like. work with your partner to try different things, it get interesting and you'll have fun too!

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honeastly im having this problem too im starting to feel something is wrong with me ...or could it be my feeling nearly my partner i just dont know ..:(

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